Happy People Yield Better Results!

Hiring remote has never been easier!

Costa Rica offers great sales and customer success professionals who are native English speakers, work EST and PST at affordable hourly rates.

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Our talented individuals are all native English speakers with a minimum of a bachelor's degree. They are usually from the US, Canada or the UK.

We provide them with daily rides to the office, a solid fast internet connection, and even electricity back up so that they never miss a good day of work. As their employer, you are getting the happiest most driven candidates at a rate that’s almost too good.

Most common services:

Lead Generation

Data Scraping

Customer Support

CEO Helpers

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Our Plug N Play Business Model:

Our talent works as contractors


We’ll set up a free consultation. A consultation call with us is available via http://calendly.com/Aisenforce


Present you an offer.


Following a kickoff call you’ll have a train session with your new hires. We do it on video.


You get a supervisor and professional helper to be in communications with you and with the team.


We are checking the team, providing all the essentials they need and make sure they follow SOP’s.


We pay their salaries so that you don’t have to worry about managing all that stuff.


All contracts start at a minimum 30-day trial. You can hire 1-4 professionals.


We work in BD and Sales sprints. We’ll help you define those.

A consultation call with us is available via http://calendly.com/Aisenforce

About Us

Welcome to the Nirvana Villa. We offer a community of 25 professionals who are great in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. They are available to work for you between 9 am and 5pm PST, every day.

We charge a separate rate for each person, starting at $600 per week per person and provide:

Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports.

Training sessions, mediation, yoga sessions and weekly Friday afternoon sunset events to our community of expat talent

Tools for online remote work and computers.

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